Nigeria, as a tropical region, has a termite infestation problem with buildings, particularly the roofing wood. These are some of our studies on how and which chemicals to use to protect your building from termite attack. A termite attack can completely destroy a house’s roof and many other part of a house that is made of wood.

Wood treatment chemicals

wood treatment chemicals are mainly used to treat a bad or dead wood that is already decaying or rotten, they are very effective to treat any wood issue and also preserve wood to be more effective for a very long time.

How chemicals can be used to treat wood

Chemicals are the No 1 best wood treatment aid to help preserve and maintain it for a very long time before it decay or infected by a insect such as termite and ants. To preserve the wood, apply the wood treatment chemicals in the body to treat the affected area.

Types of wood treatment chemicals in Nigeria

there are different kinds of wood treatment chemicals in Nigeria with different functions and price ranges, based on the infections your wood have and the how active you want the chemicals to be.

Here are some of the list of the wood treatment chemicals:

Where to get original wood treatment chemicals

To get read of a wood infection or preserve your wood for a longer period, you need to make sure you bought the right chemical and original one for your woods. Click here to buy some of our original wood chemicals at

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