price for original wooden doors in nigeria, and where to get real and affordable wooden doors in nigeria that will last long for your building project.

What are wooden doors

Solid wood doors are often made of natural wood, whether it’s a softwood like pine or a hardwood like oak or maple, in a frame-and-panel construction. Wood doors are rarely, if ever, fashioned from a solid wood slab.

Solid wood construction is used in most wood exterior doors for strength and security. You do, however, have various options when it comes to internal doors.

Except for the hardware and accessories, solid wood doors are made entirely of natural wood. Because wood of that size is nearly impossible to come by and solid slabs might deform or split, few solid wood doors are single, united slabs of wood. Frame-and-panel structure is now used on solid wood doors.

Depending on the wood species, sound absorption ranges from acceptable to outstanding. Pine and other softwoods are not very durable.

Factors to consider when buying wooden doors

Before purchasing a solid wood door, there are various factors to consider. The cost of the door, its purpose, and how much care you are willing to put into the door are three of the most critical considerations. All of these factors will influence the sort of door that should be purchased and installed.

Types of wooding doors

Price for original wooden doors in Nigeria

price for a original and quality wooden wood will range from N50,000 to N300,000 to get a better wooden door for your building projects, depending on your design and style of wood needed or size chosen.

Where to get made in Nigeria wooden doors

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